Report on prof. Guy Smagghe and Dr. Taning visit to CULS and EXTEMIT-K labs

This meeting is of great importance for EXTEMIT-K and post EXTEMIT-K research as it is intended for building strong international collaboration with Ghent University. There is also a very constructive meeting between Prof. Marek Turčáni and Prof. Guy Smagghe regarding future collaborations with other EXTEMIT-K teams. There will be two scientific benefits in that. Scientific and technical collaboration with the sophisticated hi-tech laboratory of Prof. Smagghe at uGENT, Belgium. This will give us good training and high precision scientific output for in-depth scientific insights. Publication in the highest impact journal will be guaranteed.  Secondly, they can be our scientific partners for grant applications.

Next day Prof. Smagghe delivered a talk on applying RNA interference technology against pest insects with particular emphasis on forest pests. The talk was enlightening and informative for both EXTEMIT-K employees and students. Prof. Smagghe and Dr. Taning spent the afternoon with Barbora Stříbrská and Sara Basile. PhD students took them around the historical center of Prague.

On Friday (11th March 2022) Dr. Taning told about his research of molecular tools in basic and applied insect research. High-level scientific thought exchange is unavoidable in such scientific visits. Here, without exception, our EXTEMIT-K team group leaders discussed new ideas and future possibilities of joint scientific endeavours that led to a brainstorming discussion with prof. Smagghe later on in the afternoon. He attended lunch and dinners with various EXTEMIT-K researchers during his stay and spent quality social time, which, indeed, strengthened our bonding not only as scientists but also as humans.

Prof. Smagghe was delighted to see the level of infrastructure at the facility developed during the project EXTEMIT. His scientific advice will surely motivate us to become a future leader within the European Union as far as forestry research is concerned.

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