Fem4Forest conference

The conference took place online on Thursday, October, 29th, 2020. In total, 136 participants (out of which 88 % were women) from 17 countries joined the event. In addition to that, over 4000 people watched the live stream broadcasted through Facebook pages of Forestry Institute of Slovenia. Participants belonged to different interest groups (national and local public authorities, interest groups, higher education and research, general public, forest science, forest companies, education centres and training schools, business support organisations).  

The purpose of the conference was to present the new Fem4Forest initiative in the Danube Region, present examples of good practice of women in forestry in the EU and beyond, promote further integration of women in forestry and start talks and establish a new stakeholder network in the forestry sector.

List of presentations given at the conference: 

  • What does the Fem4Forest project bring? / Nike Krajnc, Fem4Forest project manager, GIS, Slovenia 
  • Women in forestry in Austria: Facts and examples of good practice /Dagmar Karisch-Gierer, FAST Pichl, Austria
  • Women for forestry in Bavaria / Kathrin Böhling, Beatrix Enzenbach, LWF, Germany
  • Does the forest require a man or is it enough of a woman? Reflections based on 25 years of research experience in this field / Gun Lidestav, SLU, Sweden
  • Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina from college to forestry service - a reality /Ajla Dorfer, FEA, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Women in Wood: Breaking Down Barriers in Forestry /Jessica Kaknevicius, Co-Founder of Women in Wood, Canada 

There is still the possibility to watch a recording of the conference at facebook. Presentations will be available on the project website.

Contact person for project at FFWS CZU is Petra Palátová (palatovap@fld.czu.cz).

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