Dean of FFWS awarded employees and PhD students who achieved significant success in 2021

The award went to:

The Dean's Award for the best publication activity of a PhD student at FFWS in 2021 - Ing. Daniel Kozák
The Dean's Award for the best publication activity of an employee at FFWS in 2021 - prof. Ing. Miroslav Svoboda, Ph.D.
The Dean's Award for the most cited scientific article of the FFWS in 2021 - Hlásny T., Zimová S., Merganičová K., Modlinger R., Turčáni M.
„Devastating outbreak of bark beetles in the Czech Republic: Drivers, impacts, and management implications“
The Dean's Award for the scientific article that received the most media attention - Másílková M., Ježek M., Silovský V., Faltusová M., Rohla J., Kušta T., Burda H.
„Observation of rescue behaviour in wild boar (Sus scrofa)“
Dean's Award for Output to Practice and Society - Tomášková I., Lstibůrek M., Stejskal J.
„Borderless Forests“

Congratulations to the award winners!

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