EXTEMIT-K and EVA scientists contributed to the upcoming Book “Plant-insect Interactions” from Springer Nature

Good news, Scientists from our faculty belonging to EXTEMIT-K and EVA projects join hands and contribute four chapters in the upcoming book from Springer Nature (ISBN 978-981-15-2467-7; https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9789811524660 ).

“This book offers a comprehensive guide to the strategies that plants employ against insects and other pests to ensure their continued survival. Addressing an important gap in the literature, it shares the latest findings in the field of plant–pest interactions for a broad audience. Providing an overview of the current state of knowledge on plant-pest interactions and their role in the genetic improvement of crops, it offers an essential guide for researchers and professionals in the fields of agriculture, plant pathology, entomology, cell biology, molecular biology and genetics “– Source Springer web (www.springer.com ).

The chapters written by our scientists are on wide-ranging aspects of plant-insect interactions such as the role of plant volatiles in plant-insect interaction, microbial contribution in plant-insect interaction dynamics, the potential of plant insecticidal protein in insect pest management and role of plant secondary metabolites against pest insects.

One of the principal authors in all those chapters, Dr Amit Roy (EXTEMIT-K), has mentioned that

 “Once a scientist gathers experience for more than a decade in any field of research, it is the time for him or her to initiate paying back to society. It is our humble effort to that direction. The book will be online in the next two months. I hope people from plant-insect interaction fraternity, students and enthusiastic novices from all fields will enjoy reading our chapters.”


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