Methodology of Research 2019

Participation this seminar is mandatory. This seminar is intended for students in their first study year and for those who did not attend this seminar last year.

Bring your notebooks please.

Please install the following program in advance:

Software R


Schedule:           6th December 2019 L125

8:45-08:50         Introduction – doc. Ing. Tomáš Kušta, Ph.D.

8:50-10:50         SIC for doctoral students – PhDr. Hana Landová, Ph.D., Mgr. Dominik. Bláha

10:50-11:00       Break

11:00-11:40       How to Publish – prof. Ing. Jaroslav. Holuša, Ph.D.

11:40-12:30       Lunch

12:30-12:50       IGA FFWS – Ing. Miloš Ježek, Ph.D.

12:50-16:00       Statistics - Priv. Doz. Ing. Peter Surový, PhD.

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