One-day workshop on Machine Learning and ML Tools in Forestry

The “One-day workshop on Machine Learning and ML Tools in Forestry” was successfully conducted and organized by Kamos FLD and hosted by the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Science, CZU. The workshop aimed to deepen participants' understanding of Machine Learning (ML) applications in forestry, fostering insightful discussions and hands-on learning experiences.


The workshop commenced with an enlightening session on the fundamentals of Machine Learning, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of the subject matter. Topics covered included understanding the basic principles of ML systems, selecting appropriate algorithms tailored to specific research challenges, and exploring the potential of ML in forestry applications.


Moreover, the workshop covered diverse areas, drone utilization in forestry, and hands-on sessions on satellite image processing using Python. Attendees then explored computer vision for classification tasks and learned to create Graphical User Interface (GUIs) and develop research software (Windows /.exe). In the evening, the focus shifted to R for data analysis and custom package development.


The workshop was conducted offline and online, with participants joining from various corners of the globe, including countries such as India, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, and Australia. Participation certificates were graciously provided to all attendees by Tomáš Hlásny, extending gratitude for their active involvement in the event.

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