The CZU Library is organizing the Summer Webinar School

Requirements for the publication or management of research data in accordance with the principles of Open Science appear in the conditions of some providers of research funding; moreover, they are already enshrined in European legislation. In the series of webinars, we will introduce you to why openness in the scientific environment is important, how to achieve it, and how to avoid inconveniences. The webinars follow up on each other, and it is possible to complete all three or each individually. You can register for the courses by clicking on the links below.


4 August Open science - the future of science?

What actually is Open Science? And should we be interested in it?

In this course, you will learn about the basic principles of Open Science. We will introduce the basic pillars, which are open access and open data in the context of current trends at the global, European, and Czech levels. We will talk about the currently valid legislation and planned changes, the conditions of financial providers, and the available infrastructure.


5 August Open access and predators in science

Learn more about open publishing! In this course, we will introduce the possibilities of publishing in the open access mode. We will talk about the three basic paths – green, gold, and platinum. We will focus on the issue of publication fees and predatory journals; we will also discuss the selection of a suitable publisher for publishing an article with an open approach.


6 August How to manage research data?

Data is the most important asset in the digital economy and research is its largest producer. How to handle it efficiently?

This course focuses on the issue of research data and their sharing. We will discuss why and how it is or is not appropriate to share data. You will get acquainted with FAIR principles and the creation of a Data Management Plan using online tools. We will also talk about data repositories and other available infrastructure.

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