Workshop - Analysis of Experiments using ASReml-R

A highly specialized workshop “Analysis of Experiments using ASReml-R” was held on July 2nd and 3rd of 2019. Hosted by Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Dr Salvador Gezan (University of Florida) was the best tutor we could have provided. His experience spans from statistical analysis in forestry, crop breeding to aquaculture.  This 2-day workshop focused on the fundamentals of using the ASReml-R version 4 for the analysis of genetic data arising mainly from forestry breeding programs. ASReml-R is a statistical software (and library in R) that fits linear mixed models using REML methodology. and calculates BLUP values. Genetic concepts required for the construction of appropriate linear models were addressed together with understanding ASReml interface, inputting and manipulating data, proper construction/specification of linear models (and their variance structure) and its applications to breeding strategies. This workshop was strongly oriented to the practical aspect of analysis of real, complex, and messy datasets. The main topics discussed were univariate analyses of animal (individual) model, half-sib families, and full-sib families together with presentation of multivariate and multi-environment trials studies. The course also included an introduction to genomic selection and the use of ASReml-R to perform GBLUP analyses.

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