New documentary movie was created at FFWS

The colleagues from the Department of Genetics and Physiology of Forest Trees, in cooperation with partners from five Central European countries, made a short documentary movie addressing key challenges in adapting forest ecosystems to global change.

Central European forests represent not only a valuable resource of biodiversity and untouched landscapes for recreation but also provide renewable resources, bioenergy and create jobs in rural areas. However, in the current climate change situation, a number of forest stands are particularly vulnerable to the high-speed rate of these changes, which makes it impossible to adapt to new conditions. One of the most promising strategies in this respect is the artificial planting of alternative tree species from selected sites located beyond the borders of a particular state and the use of the natural adaptation capacity of the growing stands. At present, however, the use of seedlings and forest tree seed is regulated at national level without taking into account the effects of global change, and some Central European countries prohibit the cross-border transfer of planting material.

The main objective of the documentary film "Borderless Forests" is to open up broad discussion on forest ecosystem adaptation to global change through the international management of forest tree genetic resources and to highlight the impacts of global change on forest ecosystems in the absence of a shift in thinking at both professional and political level.

The movie trailer can be viewed here (

The documentary movie was created as part of the international project SUSTREE, which is co-financed by Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE.

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