REFOREST: Agroforestry at the forefront of sustainable agriculture

The REFOREST project aims to find solutions to overcome the main obstacles to the expansion of European agroforestry. The project mission is to support innovation, exchange knowledge, and provide new solutions that will enable farmers in the EU and associated countries to meet various goals such as food production, carbon sequestration, and biodiversity.

The great news is that the main coordinator of this project is FFWS CZU. The consortium includes 14 institutions across Europe.

Project title:   Agroforestry at the forefront of farming sustainability in multifunctional landscapes in Europe (REFOREST)
Time period:   48 months (2022-2026)
Consortium:   FFWS CZU in Prague (coordinator), Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (ES), Inagro (BE), University of Copenhagen (DK), University of Reading (UK), Organic Research Centre (UK), Polish Agroforestry Association (PL), Bonn University (DE), Trakia University (BG), Europroject (BG), Philipps-Universität Marburg (DE), University of Sopron (HU), Dutch International Business Development Cooperative (NL), German Agroforestry Association (DE)
FFWS Team:   Martin Lukáč (main researcher), Peter Surový, Martin Mokroš, Michal Hrib
Project budget:   € 3 996 277, of which FFWS € 480 350
Programme:   Horizon Europe

Land, ocean, and water for climate action (HORIZON-CL6-2021-CLIMATE-01)

Topic:   Agroforestry to meet climate, biodiversity, and farming sustainability goals (HORIZON-CL6-2021-CLIMATE-01-08)
Type of action:  

RIA (Research and Innovation Actions)

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