63rd International Students’ scientific competition Š V O Č 2023, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia

On the 4th April, 2023 students from Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences CZU Prague participated in the 63rd International Students’ scientific competition Š V O Č 2023 organised by Faculty of Forestry, Technical University in Zvolen.
Three PhD and one masters student presented their research outputs and findings in the form of oral presentations. Our PhD students Aisha Naseer, Anurabha Khara, and Umm-e-Hani discussed various aspects of bark beetle infestation and outbreaks such as molecular mechanism, microbiome content and chemical ecology respectively whereas our master’s student Jan Zahradníček represented his master’s thesis findings.
The conference was attended by foreign students from LF University in Sopron, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences from the University of Kabala (Uganda), Forest University in Sofia and LF University in Krakow.
During the event, Aisha Naseer was awarded the 1st Prize and Umm-e-Hani was awarded 2nd prize in the Doctoral Student category and Jan Zahradníček was awarded 2nd Prize in Master’s Student category.
Our students were applauded for, “outstanding results and contribution towards the Bark Beetle research”.

Presentation topics:
Aisha Naseer: Molecular Underpinnings of Bark Beetle Resistance Against Conifer Defenses.
Umm-e-Hani: The genetic basis of pheromone biosynthesis in larch bark beetle Ips cembrae in comparison to Ips typographus.
Arunabha Khara: Environment, host, and life-stage drive bacterial association and their putative metabolic role in two pine-feeding Ips beetle holobionts.
Bc. Jan Zahradníček: Optimalizace zpeněžení cenných sortimentů surového dříví.

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