Institutional accreditation for FFWS

The Czech University of Life Sciences Prague has been granted the institutional accreditation for the sphere of education in Forestry and Wood Sciences, the substantial part of which is provided by the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences. This accreditation has been granted for all degrees of university education (a Bachelor´s degree, a Master´s degree and a PhD degree) for the maximum possible time of 10 years.

Granting the institutional accreditation was a result of a long-term and challenging process, in the course of which the Faculty was submitting excessive self-assessment reports and was regularly visited by the representatives of the National Accreditation Office, who are major experts from other universities in the Czech Republic. Granting the institutional accreditation proves the high quality of pedagogical and scientific activities as well as a high standard of the management of internal processes of the Faculty and the University. At the same time, the accreditation is an expression of great confidence of the National Accreditation Office, in the consequence of which the University, or the Faculty, has been given the opportunity to independently manage many processes of implementing its study programmes.

“The institutional accreditation is mainly a great appreciation of all aspects with which the Faculty has intensively been dealing for a long time and which include not only scientific projects and publications but also a quality of teaching and degree-related practical training. The Czech University of Life Sciences has become the 7th public university in the Czech Republic granted the institutional accreditation. The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences MENDELU in Brno, with which our Faculty has been closely cooperating for a long time, is still to undergo the whole complex process of accreditation”, said the vice-dean for education and quality of academic activities Ing. Jan Kašpar, PhD.

At present, the Faculty is undergoing the process of the approval of new study programmes and conditions of the admission procedure. The aim of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences is to admit students to newly accredited study programmes in the forthcoming academic year. We suppose that the declaration will be available by the middle of December.

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