Recent Advances in the Functional Characterization of Insect Proteins Targeting Pest Control

Dr Amit Roy, SP2 leader EVA 4.0, and his collaborator from Greece introduced a fascinating research topic in the Frontiers in Insect Science. The topic welcomes cutting edge research in insect proteomics and their use in future pest management. Dr Roy is working as a guest associate editor in this journal.  Interested researchers who are currently engaged in high-quality proteomics research can submit their manuscripts under the topic. The details of the topic are given below.  For any further queries, you can contact Dr Roy, ETM, FLD, CZU.

About this Research Topic

Insects made their existence 400 million years ago and represent a vast group of species today with economic importance in agricultural, forestry, and human health industries. The unprecedented eco-evolutionary success of insects under different climatic conditions and toxic or nutritionally-limiting habitats can be attributed to the diverse set of proteins comprising the Insecta clade. Proteins are the key players for various biological functions and interactions between organisms and their hosts. In recent times insect proteomics has gained considerable attention to better understand insect ecology/biology and facilitating the formulation of novel species-specific pest management strategies.

Proteins are crucial players underlying various biological interactions and thus it is important to understand the role of proteins in the eco-evolutionary success of a species like insects. However, the insect proteome is still in its stage of infancy so the goal of this Research Topic is to bring together recent discoveries made into novel proteins targeting pest control and developments on the tools used for their purification and characterization, and to highlight the challenges ahead for the insect proteome studies.

This Research Topic welcomes submissions focusing on, but not limited to, the following themes:

  • Protein characterization involving but not limited to annotation, structural, functional, localization, or comparative studies involving various tools such as bioinformatics, in vivo or in vitro techniques, mass spectrometry, Western blot, etc.
  • Proteins in essential biological pathway/mechanisms.
  • Proteins that are associated with insect immunity.
  • Protein interactions between host and pathogens.
  • Protein expression under differential conditions
  • Protein delivering phenotypic plasticity to its insect host.
  • Proteins involved in insect symbiosis.
  • Proteins functioning in various physiological processes including behavioral, neuronal, sensory, stress, diapause, locomotion, detoxification, etc. Proteins involved in insect epigenetic mechanisms.

Keywords: Proteomics, insects, mass spectrometry, LC MS/MS, extraction buffer, SDS-PAGE, insect membrane protein, insect gut protein

Submission Deadlines

17 September 2021 (Abstract)

15 January 2022 (Manuscript)

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