Consulting, expert and educational activities

The Faculty is an important partner in consulting, expert and educational activities of major national organizations in the field, but also smaller organizations and companies, including private forest owners.

The vast majority of topics are addressed in applied research and with a high emphasis on the possibility of transfer to practice. The effect of output is often of a social rather than an economic benefit, as the customer of the output is often the state or state administration. Of course, most of the results also have an indirect economic impact, which is often not easy to quantify; however, it is significant and falls into so-called ecosystem services. An important part of the results of applied research are used in the framework of legal norms and other regulations.

We provide consultations to representatives of the state administration – especially the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic. We cooperate with municipalities, including the capital city of Prague, on specific professional as well as strategic topics. We also provide consultations and expert activities for national parks, Czech State Forest, Military Forests and Estates of the Czech Republic, and other organizations.

Employees regularly give lectures throughout the Czech Republic and abroad, where they present applied outputs to the professional public. Frequent topics are current problems in forestry which the Faculty deals with, such as climate change, bark beetle calamity, drought, fires, wind calamities, effective methods of afforestation, arboriculture, comprehensive care of the forest tree gene pool, use of wood as a renewable natural raw material, damage by game, and diseases (African swine fever).

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