The most significant elected membership in foreign of professional societies

Name, surname and title(s) of the evaluated unit’s member of staff Type of membership Name of professional society Logo of professional society

Short information about Professional society

Prof. Ing. Luděk Šišák, CSc. Representative of the Czech Republic  IUFRO International Council   The International Union of Forest Research Organizations, offers a global network for voluntary cooperation. The network is open to all individuals and organizations dedicated to forest and forest products research and related disciplines.
 Prof. Ing. Luděk Šišák, CSc.  Deputy Coordinator  IUFRO Research Group 4.05.00 Managerial Economics and Accounting    The Managerial Economics and Accounting includes forestry and wood production, with the related biotechnological, chemical and energy industries, but also the provision of other ecosystem services that can support sustainable economic growth
 Prof. Ing. Róbert Marušák, PhD.  


IUFRO Research Group 4.04.00 Forest Management Planning    The Forest Management Planning unit will bring together experts in forest management concentrated in fast-growing plantations, nature conservation planning, simulation, optimisation, risk analysis techniques and methods for adaptation to climate change.
 Doc. Ing. Miroslav Hájek, Ph.D.  Chairman Bioeconomy Platform of the Czech Republic    Objectives of the Bioeconomy Platform are to deepen knowledge in the respective fields of bioeconomy by means of research and education and to promote their use in practice at the level of enterprises and public administration while respecting principles of sustainable development.
 Prof. Ing. Vilém Podrázský, CSc.  2013–2017 Chairman, until now, deputy chairman, OLH ČAZV Chairman for the whole period Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences   The basic mission of the CAAS is to influence the scientific standard of research and education in its sphere of activity, to nurture its continuous development and to effectively popularize scientific knowledge gained.
Ing. Anna Jirošová, Ph.D. elected Councillor International Society of Chemical Ecology   The International Society of Chemical Ecology (ISCE) is organized exclusively for scientific purposes, and specifically to promote the understanding of interactions between organisms and their environment that are mediated by naturally occurring chemicals.
Prof. Dr. Sabine Begall President German Society for Mammalian Biology The German Society for Mammalian Biology aims at fostering research and conservation of mammal species in their natural habitats. This is achieved by editing the scientific journal "Mammalian Biology" and by regular scientific meetings, where current topics and research activities from all fields of mammalian biology are presented and discussed
Prof. Dick Sandberg Member The Japan Wood Research Society   JWRS supports the acceleration of science and technology around wood and forest products. The JWRS mission is to promote academic research that contributes to the sustainable development of a renewable resources-based society.
Ing. Jan Kašpar, Ph.D. Chairman Forest DSS CoP   The ForestDSS CoP organizes knowledge about the construction and use of forest Decision Support Systems (DSS) for promoting sustainable forest management.

Prof.i.R. Dr. Axel Schopf

Member Swiss Entomological Society (SES)   The Swiss Entomological Society (SES) fosters cooperation among both professional and amateur entomologists and promotes the scientific study of indigenous insects.

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