Forest Protection and Entomology

  • Modelling of disturbance damage of forest stands by wind and snow, including mechanical stress of trees
  • Integrated pest control
  • Forest fire spread model, forest fire prevention, forest fire threat
  • Ecology and taxonomy of insects
  • Phylogenesis of important herbivores worldwide
  • Biodiversity of forest stands
  • Study of recently important and spreading fungal pathogens
  • Development of insect repellent and pesticide products
  • Impact of climate change on the spread of forest pests
  • Forecasts and models predicting the occurrence of pests
  • Bark beetle issue – from genetic, tree, and land perspectives
  • Complex studies of termite life
  • Modern chemical ecology laboratory with research expertise on forest pest and tree samples
  • State­-of­-the­-art “Forentomics“ (Forest Entomology using Omics) laboratory delineating molecular underpinnings behind forest pest adaptation to host
  • RNA interference (RNAi) based next­-generation forest pest management

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