Optimalesa – forest harvest optimization tools

DSS Optimal software serves to support decision-making in the area of spatial optimization of forest harvesting. The software enables the design of individual harvesting elements in the GIS platform, setting calculation parameters, and then optimization of the given problem, i.e. finding the best possible spatial distribution of individual harvesting interventions for a given number of planning periods. The main benefit for the user is finding a harvesting distribution in space and time that will provide maximum possible production, which will also be permanently balanced in the long term, while respecting all legal parameters regarding selected economic methods. Based on case studies, the economic benefit for software users is up to a 10% increase in harvesting (and thus profits) compared to the traditional spatial layout approach, which currently does not use any supportive software tool and is based solely on the plan author's personal experience. The economic benefits of using the developed software can also be reflected in the possibility of a rapid revision of the harvesting plan in the event of unexpected changes caused, for example, by wind disturbance.

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