National predictive model for assessing wind damage risk to forest stands

The program itself is a model that, based on the created algorithms and created databases, allows calculation of critical wind speeds leading to damage to spruce stands and was created by implementing data from field measurements, statistical methods, and other knowledge.

The actual model of critical wind speed prediction works on the following principle:

  • based on user-defined stand parameters, the critical force required to cause damage is predicted by neuron network analysis
  • based on user-defined crown parameters (by selecting predefined categories), the wind speed is then searched in the database to exert the desired pressure on the tree.

Each forest owner can detect the current threats to its stands. The model is also useful for other entities that deal with the consequences of the effects of destructive winds, such as the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. The model has already been positively accepted by the integrated emergency services, road and rail management, forest owners, as well as towns and cities, given the possibility of predicting all risks associated with wind throw damage in cities (urban greenery, parks, etc.). It is therefore very beneficial for society because it not only protects people's property but also their safety.

Procedure of mechanical stressing of trees:

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