System of operative aerial forest photography

Operational aerial photography system for supplementing orthophotographs following economic interventions or calamities

The methodology provides a detailed procedure for the use of unmanned aircraft equipped with an optical sensor/camera to provide orthophotographs and map information following harvesting or calamities in forest management. The current state of forest stands in European countries and the prediction of their development in the near future indicates an growing need to obtain operational data on the state of forest stands. This innovative system helps in collecting important forest ecosystem data and thus helps combat climate change, wind calamities, extreme droughts, and reduce the risk of forest fires. From this perspective, it clearly has an extremely positive impact on the quality of the environment and society.

Full Articles Links:

  1. Determining tree height and crown diameter from high-resolution UAV imagery (by Dimitrios Panagiotidis, Azadeh Abdollahnejad,Peter Surový & Vasco Chiteculo)
  2. Estimation and Extrapolation of Tree Parameters Using Spectral Correlation between UAV and Pléiades Data (by Azadeh Abdollahnejad, Dimitrios Panagiotidis and Peter Surový)
  3. Detection of fallen logs from high-resolution UAV images (by Dimitrios Panagiotidis, Azadeh Abdollahnejad, Peter Surový and Karel Kuželka)
  4. Mapping Forest Structure Using UAS Inside Flight Capabilities (by Karel Kuželka and Peter Surový)
  5. Automatic Detection and quantification of wild game crop damage using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with an optical sensor payload:
    a case study in wheat
     (by Karel Kuželka and Peter Surový)

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