These are the most important partners from practice who we work with on specific practical problems in a long-term and systematic way, including:

Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture is the central body of the State administration of agriculture, water management, the food industry and forest management, hunting and fishing outside the National Parks. It is also the central body of State administration in matters concerning commodity exchanges, which organizes trade in goods from agricultural and forestry production, including products resulting from their processing.
 Forests of the Czech Republic

The main goal of the Forests of the Czech Republic is to manage over 1.2m hectares of State-owned forest estates (almost 86% of all State-owned forest estates) and almost 38,000 km of waterways and swift creeks. The Forestry strategy is based on sustainable management of forests based on maximum use of the nature’s power that will provide for ongoing and balanced production in the entrusted forest.
Military Forests and Estates


The Military Forests and Estates is a state-owned forestry company with more than 80 years of tradition. They are engaged in forest management, hunting, as well as agriculture and fishing in military districts and former military training areas. The unique territory under our management belongs to one of the best forested areas on the continent and is home to a number of rare species of animals and plants.
Association of Municipal and Private Forest Owners


 The Association of Municipal and Private Forest Owners in the Czech Republic is a voluntary non profit making organization associating non state forest owners and managers. The Main tasks is participation in law-making, participation in the development of strategic documents and programmes, educational and consulting activities, international cooperation, joint timber trade, forest pedagogy.
State Veterinary Administration


 SVA is a public administration body under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. Its purpose is primarily the protection of consumers from products of animal origin likely to be harmful to human health, monitoring of animal health situation and maintaining it favourable, veterinary protection of the state territory of the Czech Republic, animal welfare and animal protection.
  Czech Hunting Union

Czech Hunting Union have more than 60 000 members. They protect cultural heritage and take care of its permanent development. They support activities of hunters in the care of wildlife and landscape, organize hunting tests for hunting farmers, usability tests of hunting dogs and falconry tests. They provide social events, maintain and develop hunting traditions.
National Museum of Agriculture


The National Museum of Agriculture presents agriculture, forestry, gamekeeping, fishing, the food industry and gastronomy as key areas for ensuring the existence of both individuals and the whole of society. It offers you the most important subjects through dynamic exhibitions and displays in historical contexts.
  The Krkonoše Mountains National Park (KRNAP)

KRNAP is a national park in the Liberec and Hradec Králové regions of the Czech Republic. It lies in the Krkonoše Mountains which is the highest range of the country. The park has also been listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site. It borders Karkonosze National Park in Poland. Krkonoše's highest mountain is Snow Mountain (Sněžka - 1602 m) which is also the highest mountain in the Czech Republic.
  The Bohemian Switzerland National Park
  The Bohemian Switzerland National Park is the youngest national park in the Czech Republic. The mission of the National Park is to preserve the local territory in its full beauty and to enable natural processes to prevail in this area. The focal point of the area protection is a unique sandstone rock town with the occurrence of rare plant and animal species and islands of well-preserved woods.
 Podyjí National Park
  Podyjí National Park is representative of a well-preserved forest-valley in otherwise forest-free landscape in Southwest Moravia. It is characterized by extraordinary scenery, being home to features such as rocky amphitheaters, cliffs, meanders, detritus fields, impervious ravines, several types of heat land adorned with multi-colored layers of thermophilic plants, or alluvial plains around the river Dyje.
  National Park Šumava
  The Bohemian Forest mountain range is covered by the most extensive forest in Central Europe, whose natural composition was, however, changed and today spruce plantations prevail in most of the area. In many places non-native spruce varieties were planted. Šumava National Park is a great place for hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing and generally spending time in beautiful, unspoiled nature.
  Czech Forestry Society
Czech Forestry Society (CFS) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit, professional organization. CFS associates individuals and organizations interested in forestry and nature conservation, individual forest owners and others forestry enthusiasts. CFS organize around 20 seminars and two big conferences per year and participate in enlightenment activities.
 Association of Forestry-Wood sector companies
  The Association of Forestry-Wood sector companies associates important forestry companies and the largest wood processors in the Czech Republic. The Main goal is protecting legitimate interests of its members in society and contributing to the cultivation and positive development of the business environment in the forest-wood sector. 


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