Project Name: Modernization of study and study programs, quality and counselling at CZU in Prague
Shorted Project Name: MOST
Beneficiary: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Total Budget:  182 197 504, 47 CZK
EU Contribution: 133 186 375, 75 CZK
Public Contribution: 39 901 253, 47 CZK
5% Beneficiary Contribution: 9 109 875, 224 CZK
FLD Budget: 11 935 293,66 CZK
Project Implementation Date: 1.7.2017 – 31.12.2022
Operational Programme Title: Operational Programme Research, Development and Education


Project MOST is a complex project of the CZU Prague focused on improving the quality of higher education provided through:

  • Improving the Professional level of Academic staff
  • Reworking existing and creating new Degree programs considering modern teaching methods, labor market needs and practice
  • Considering the requirements of the students with specific needs
  • Introduction of the system for Quality evaluation and strengthening of CZU Prague Strategic Management

Important part of improving the quality of education provided at CZU is a reevaluation the current content of teaching at all faculties and the fundamental modification of study programs, so they can be more in line with modern trends (both in terms of content and teaching methods) and better reflect current market needs.

Related to this is introduction of new methods in the teaching and education of teachers, which has not received enough attention in recent years. The University can improve the quality through cooperation with others, improving the quality of higher education institutions and admission foreign students.

Quality evaluation is a significant impetus for innovation. The complex system of quality evaluation and management is not fully elaborated at the CZU to acquaint the academic community of the university with the results of the evaluation and thus ensure the effective correction of the findings deficiencies.

The most significant results of the project will be presented in the form of press releases to ensure awareness of the general public, including potential future students. Information materials that will be created within the project, will be distributed to all faculties and will be sent to secondary schools to draw attention to new study opportunities and study conditions at the CZU.

The solution is innovative by widening its scope and building on ERDF projects to ensure the needed infrastructure to significantly improve the quality of the teaching process at the CZU in all directions: by increasing knowledge and modernization of teaching approaches by teachers; by introducing modern student-friendly teaching methods; by placing emphasis on the needs of practice and labor market demand and thereby increasing employability of graduates; increasing the school's openness to abroad, both outwards and inwards; improving the governance of the whole university and increasing the monitoring and quality control of the teaching process; improvement care for disadvantaged students; increasing general awareness of study at CZU and reducing study failure.

It is a comprehensive approach that will help CZU to become a sought-after and modern university providing education at a high level and will strengthen its prestigious position not only among Czech universities schools, but also internationally.

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