Project Name: Supporting the development of international mobility of research staff at CZU Prague
Shorted Project Name: PROMO
Beneficiary: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Total Budget:  41 836 195 CZK
EU Contribution: 31 753 672 CZK
Public Contribution: 7 990 713,24 CZK
5% Beneficiary Contribution: 2 091 809,76   CZK
FLD Budget: 9 298 524 CZK
Project Implementation Date: 1.4.2018 – 31.12.2020
Operational Programme Title: Operational Programme Research, Development and Education

The Project responds to the inadequate position of the CZU Prague (and universities in the Czech Republic in general) in International Comparisons of Universities in the field of scientific activities. The Project is also in accordance with the CZU Prague Long-Term Plan 2016-2020, which states in its Priority Area 3 "International University" that the CZU Prague will support the work of academic staff abroad and important foreign academic staff at the CZU Prague through short and long-term stays. Emphasize the submission of international research projects, thus increasing the share of resources obtained from international grants and projects and strengthening the international prestige of the CZU Prague. The need for strengthening the international dimension of scientific, research and other creative activities is mainly due to the results of international comparisons within the prestigious global ranking of universities. FLD implements following key activities:

  • 1-KA 1: Cervids and Sows
  • 1-KA 2: Forest Ecosystems
  • 1-KA 3: Forest Planning
  • 2-KA 16: Timber Engineering
  • 2-KA 17: Forest Trees physiology

The main objective of the project is to strengthen the quality of scientific and research work at the CZU Prague through International mobilities related to Science and Research. The effort is to have the results, which will be better applicable and more recognized in the European and global space and reduce the distance between CZU Prague and European and world Universities in the field of Science and Research.

The specific objectives are:

  • Expand possibilities of support International mobility in the field of Science and Research at the CZU Prague
  • Increase the position of the CZU Prague in International rankings of universities
  • Encourage increased reputation and awareness of the quality of research at the CZU Prague in the International Environment
  • Expand existing networks in specific fields and specializations of Science and Research
  • Strengthen International cooperation in Science and Research
  • Develop scientific disciplines with innovative potential, responding to the new societal challenges of the 21st century in an international context
  • Encourage the creation of the new International Teams active in the fields of Research, in which CZU Prague occupies leading position
  • Support new ways of transferring scientific innovations to the application sphere by using international experience in international mobility
  • Increase number of applications as well as success in the challenges of International Science and Research Project (type H2020)


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