Proof of concept III.

Project Name: Realization of proof-of-concept activities at CZU Prague to support transfer of technology and knowledge into practice
Shorted Project Name: Proof of Concept III.
Beneficiary: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Total Budget:  39 628 404, 99 CZK
50 % EU Contribution: 19 814 202, 49 CZK
40 % Public Contribution: 15 851 362 CZK
10 % Beneficiary Contribution: 3 962 840, 50 CZK
FLD Budget: 8 854 905 CZK
Project Implementation Date: 1.1.2019 – 30.6.2021
Operational Programme Title: Operational Programme Prague – Growth Pole of the Czech Republic


The purpose of the project is to support transfer of technology and knowledge at the CZU Prague and to support transfer of knowledge and technology in Prague and the Czech Republic in general. Its implementation will contribute to the acquisition of necessary practical experience by CZU employees, who will later use it in their further activities in the area of ??technology and knowledge transfer.

The project focus on the proof-of-concept phase, which is critical to the entire process of technology and knowledge transfer. The aim of the project is to verify 10 commercialization plans (proof-of-concept) created at CZU Prague and formulated by its employees. FLD implements following 2 commercialization plans:

  • KZ4: Smart point for smart city
  • KZ6: Model of management and development of orchards as important urban ecosystems

Thanks to the implementation of the project, the CZU Prague will also gain valuable experience, which will be further use in its future activities in the field of technology and knowledge transfer from the academic to the application sphere with the aim of increasing the success, efficiency and intensity of this process.


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