Project Name: Quality improvement of studies at CZU
Shorted Project Name: ESF II at CZU
Beneficiary: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Total Budget:  45 310 173, 51 CZK
EU Contribution: 33 121 736, 82 CZK
Public Contribution: 9 922 928 CZK
5% Beneficiary Contribution: 2 265 508, 68 CZK
FLD Budget: 4 909 855, 23 CZK
Project Implementation Date: 1.7.2017 – 31.12.2022
Operational Programme Title: Operational Programme Research, Development and Education


ESF II at CZU Prague is a comprehensive project aimed at increasing the quality of educational activities, introducing practice into study programs, increased participation of students with SP in education, internationalization of the CZU Prague environment, development of ties with university graduates in connection with employability of graduates on the labor market with the aim of implementation into the strategic management of study programs at universities and further on activities leading to an increase interested in studying at the CZU Prague from the ranks of secondary school students. The link between the project and the complementary ERDF projects is important.

The issue of students with special needs has been addressed at the CZU Prague for a long time; it is desirable to further improve the quality of care for these students, particularly with a regard to reducing their academic failure. Currently the project thus builds on the MOST project (ESF I) and develops these activities further.

Insufficient dynamics in the field of modernization of studies and study subjects and entire programs is also given little connection between university and practice, insufficient feedback to university graduates, employers, professional organizations, etc.

Quality evaluation is a significant impetus for innovation. It is the new comprehensive system of evaluation and quality management at the CZU Prague that provides feedback and suggestions where effective redress is needed identified shortcomings and, above all, the desirable development for the university to move towards the planned strategic goals.

The ESF II project at the CZU Prague clearly fulfills the specific objectives set by the ESF call for universities II:

  • SC 1 - Improving the quality of education at universities and its relevance to the needs of the labor market. The analysis of labor market needs is the starting point for evaluating existing curricula at all components of CZU Prague, implementation of the proposal of their modifications in the sense of updating and inclusion of new subjects (with regard to modern infrastructure, including laboratory equipment).
  • SC 2 - Increasing the participation of students with specific needs, from socio-economically disadvantaged groups and from ethnic minorities to higher education and reducing student failure rates. The goal of the project is also to develop activities to support students from ethnic minorities. Furthermore, the project aims at activities related to increasing interest in university studies and adaptation of new students at university. This activity is also addressed at the faculty level in order to specify these activities as much as possible.

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