Project Name: Development of study environment at CZU
Shorted Project Name: PROSTUDENT
Beneficiary: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Total Budget:  219 183 977,91 CZK
EU Contribution: 160 223 487, 84 CZK
Public Contribution: 48 001 291, 16 CZK
5% Beneficiary Contribution: 10 959 198, 91 CZK
FLD Budget: 20 493 502, 45 CZK
Project Implementation Date: 1.12.2017 – 31.10. 2019
Operational Programme Title: Operational Programme Research, Development and Education


The Project solves problem of insufficient equipment of all faculties and all common premises of the CZU Prague, including adequate furniture, equipment of ??computer and audiovisual technology and especially with modern devices that would reflect the needs of the present university.

The main goal of the project is to improve the educational infrastructure at the CZU Prague in order to ensure high quality teaching and improving access to education for disadvantaged groups. Modernized equipment as well as newly acquired Electronic Information Resources Portal will contribute to higher quality of CZU Prague educational activities and will have a positive impact on the target group - CZU students in Prague (especially undergraduate students).

At the projects participate all parts of the CZU Prague. Furthermore, the team will include technicians who will monitor and control the implementation of the acquired equipment. FLD implements following key activities:

  • FC17 Modernization of classrooms with AV technology
  • FC18 Modernization of classrooms and teaching spaces

As part of the CZU Prague Development Project (PROSTUDENT), modernized retrofit equipment and Electronic Information Resources Portal will be acquired to help undergraduate students with teaching and self-study. This will clearly ensure the dissemination of these outputs through teaching. We expect that modernization and retrofitting will have a positive impact on the quality of teaching. The project outputs will be further disseminated through mandatory publicity elements - project information on the web - and other university information resources.


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