Potential of geographically non-native species in the forestry sector of the Czech Republic

Name of programme: NAZV ZEMĚ

Project number: QK22020045

Investigator: prof. Ing. Vilém Podrázský, CSc.

Contact person: prof. Ing. Vilém Podrázský, CSc., podrazsky@fld.czu.cz

Implementation period: 2022-2024


The objective of the project is to get knowledge on a use of geographically non-native woody species (GND) in Czech forestry. Relevant knowledge from both domestic and foreign literature sources will be gathered. The project will focus on questions such as GND biology and site demands, their production, silviculture, impact on site, vulnerability to diseases and risk of invasive spreading. Long-term silviculture and provenance experiments will be reevaluated and databases updated. To verify origin, methods of genetic screening are to be a base for database. The project outputs are to be focused on explication of GND classification (Hkonc) utilizable for civil service decision making and on silvicultural guides proposing mixtures with native woody species.

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