Development of an application for automated register of hunted ungulates based on the individual structure of outer nose skin tissue


Name of programme: NAZV ZEMĚ


Project number: QK23020117


Investigator for FLD: doc. Ing. Vlastimil Hart, Ph.D.


Contact person: doc. Ing. Vlastimil Hart, Ph.D.,


Implementation period: 01/2023–12/2025


The project's main aim is to develop an innovative mobile application for keeping a record of hunted game. The register is based on uploading the photos of the structure of the outer nose skin tissue of hunted ungulates, which is individually unique and specific (like the fingerprint in humans). The essential functions will be presented in a user-friendly interface, and the app will be available for both Android and iOS. Based on the photo of a hunted game and accompanying information, it will be possible to identify each specimen of hunted ungulate individually. Compared to the classical "paper" based register commonly used, the app offers simplification of the record-keeping and will be evidence-based. Finally, using the app will prevent the duplication of records.

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