Prognosis of bark beetle outbreak and innovative approaches to its management at the level of state and forest owners


Name of programme: NAZV ZEMĚ


Project number: QK23020039


Investigator for FLD: prof. RNDr. Tomáš Hlásny, Ph.D.


Contact person: prof. RNDr. Tomáš Hlásny, Ph.D.,


Implementation period: 01/2023–12/2025


This project addresses the ongoing bark beetle outbreak in Czechia and high risk of similar events in the future, particularly in relation to climate change. The objectives are to (i) assess the situation in Czechia in a broader context and quantify effects of the adopted measures, (ii) develop a system for short-to-medium-range outbreak prognoses and the calamity ‘traffic lights’ for spatial and temporal management optimization, (iii) assess the preparedness of different owners, (iv) and formulate basis of a ’forest protection emergency’, an economically viable combination of public procurements of harvester technologies with the state-owned resources. This aims to increase the Czech forestry`s preparedness to calamity events, which are likely to be increasingly frequent in the future.

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