Payments for ecosystem services of forest and forestry


Name of programme: NAZV ZEMĚ


Project number: QK23020008


Investigator for FLD: prof. Ing. Vilém Jarský, Ph.D.


Contact person: prof. Ing. Vilém Jarský, Ph.D.,


Implementation period: 01/2023–12/2025


The goal of the project is to fulfil the research needs of the MAgr. - the point Payment for ecosystem services resulting from non- production forest functions (PES). Based on the analysis of current knowledge, hectare rates of direct payments for the provision of forest ecosystem services and additional (superstructural) payments for the intensification of these services by the forestry sector will be proposed. Accompanying sub-goals are: a proposal for the Forest Act amendment, which would allow such PES; analysis of the administrative demand related to the implementation of the PES system; recommendation of communication tools and approaches for the adoption of the PES principle by relevant interest groups; economic analysis of the impacts of PES implementation on selected forest owners.

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