Development of a system of efficient use of wood from low and medium forest into final products with high added value


Name of programme: TAČR 

Project number: SS06020121

Investigator for FLD: Ing. Přemysl Šedivka, Ph.D.

Contact person: Ing. Přemysl Šedivka, Ph.D.,

Implementation period: 05/2023–12/2025


The goal of the project is the development of products of structural and non-structural glued laminated timber from selected broad-leaved tree species with the possibility of using an assortment from low and medium forest. Products will be fully recyclable at the end of their life cycle. Another goal of the project is the adaptation of the system for growing saplings of low and medium forest to achieve the necessary assortments for the production of laminated wood. Low and medium forests can contribute to increasing the species, structural and habitat biodiversity of forest complexes. However, their disadvantage is the low value production of wood. The project therefore aims to find a system which, as a whole, could significantly increase the potential of biologically forest forms.

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