Tree-fall forecast for securing traffic safety on railways


Name of programme: TAČR Doprava 2020+

Project number: CK02000157

Investigator: Ing. Václav Bažant, Ph.D.

Contac person: Ing. Václav Bažant, Ph.D.,

Implementation period: 2021-2023


The aim of the project is to create a web map application (WMA) providing Spra´va zˇeleznic, s. o. (SŽ) with predictive information about the probability of trees falling into the track area. The forecast will work with data on vegetation at the level of stands and individual (risk) trees, landscape relief model, measured meteorological data and weather forecast data, in the scope of the entire railway network in the Czech Republic. Part of the project will be to verify the suitability and effectiveness of available methods of tree mapping in the vicinity of the track, the selection of the optimal method and the subsequent mapping of the SŽ network. The WMA will also serve as a database for the registration of problem trees and risk sections. For this purpose, a mobile data collection application with a link to a web map application will be developed.

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