Monitoring of status and evolution of dead trees after bark beatle outbreak

Name of programme: NAZV ZEMĚ

Project number: QK21010435

Investigator: doc. Ing. Peter Surový, Ph.D.

Contact person: doc. Ing. Peter Surový, Ph.D.,

Implementation period: 2021-2023


In context of recent bark beetle outbreak, bark beetle-induced deadwood was excluded from the duty of priority processing of wood from incidental felling. As a result, Czech forest land recently contains standing dead spruce stands of unprecedented extent. The project focuses on mensuration and description of dead forest stands for:

  1. localization and determination of extent and volumes of dead forest stands with the use of modern remote sensing methods, calibrated with detailed terrestrial measurements,
  2. monitoring of wood decomposition process in standing trees and stability of standing trees, including the risk of fires,
  3. prediction of development of dead trees and forest stands in time,
  4. management plan based on the development and risks of dead forests on different site.

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