All projects for faculty development approved

All four projects submitted by the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences to the Operational Program Research, Development and Education succeeded in a great competition. Through their implementation, Faculty will provide funds for its development for the next five years. Joint university project, in which FFWS is a major part, was approved as well.

Thanks to these projects, FFWS will be able to build a top quality High-tech technological-educational pavilion that will serve the needs of new and re-accredited bachelor and master study programs, create new doctoral study programs, equip existing teaching facilities with new devices, enable more one semester internships for doctoral candidates, increase the number of foreign trips of scientists, strengthen the participation of students with specific needs, students from socio-economically disadvantaged groups or ethnic minorities, etc.

The following bachelor or master study programs will be re-accredited:

  • Forestry,
  • Forest Engineering,
  • Conservation of Natural Objects and Taxidermy,
  • Wood Engineering.

New study programs will be created:

  • System Arborism,
  • Timber Constructions and Structures Based on Wood.

The following doctoral programs will be newly created:

  • Applied Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing in Forestry,
  • Global Change Forestry (accredited as the Joint Degree Program, i.e. a joint study program with the Technical University in Zvolen),
  • Fire Protection of Forest, Timber and Wood-Based Materials.

The results of the evaluation process for the so-called “OP RDE four-call” were announced by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports on 13 April 2017. These are four complementary calls of the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund. Two of the calls are non-investment, aimed at enhancing the quality of education and research and increasing the participation of students with specific needs. The other two, on the other hand, are investment, focused on building of research and innovation infrastructures.