Current information about the teaching during this semester

Dear students,

together we are in a very difficult situation, where we have to manage distance learning for the second semester. Our goal is to provide you with quality education, although in a different form than the one we are used to.

We would like to inform you about the method of teaching in the coming semester. For the first 14 days (until 11 October), all the lessons you have enrolled in the schedule will take place online via MS Teams. If you do not have MS Teams installed yet, I recommend not postponing it so that you can start the beginning of the semester properly. If necessary, the IT Helpdesk is ready to help you (mail: ).

In MS Teams you will have all the subjects you have enrolled in the winter semester. Here, the teacher will lecture and practice at a specified time, always at the lesson you have given by the schedule. There is also a chat in which you can ask questions and make specific comments. Lectures and exercises are mandatory for students. Only the subject guarantor can stipulate optional participation in classes. If you are unable to attend classes for serious reasons, always apologize to the teacher.

It is possible that the schedule will be modified during the semester. It is therefore necessary to actively monitor the information system (UIS), the website where the news and announcements are located. Always check with your teacher. At the same time, the information will be communicated to you via LMS Moodle. These announcements are also linked to the university e-mail, where you will receive these announcements. It is therefore very important to follow this university e-mail (sample form: In case you have any problems, please contact the IT Helpdesk (in case of technical problems), the relevant study officers according to your field or study program (in case of study matters of an administrative type), the international department (especially foreigners and in case of return from abroad). If you have any problems in teaching (teaching does not take place, the teacher does not respond, etc., please contact me directly At the same time, please keep in mind that we have over 2,000 students at the faculty, so be patient. and try to find as much information as possible on the web of faculty , or ask classmates, and only then direct your questions.

I wish you good health, readiness and adaptability to new forms of education. I believe that together we will be able to successfully manage the next semester.


Ing. and Ing. Markéta Kalábová, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Education


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