EVA4.0 team is looking for collaborators for H2020 Green Deal call

The researchers form sub-project no. 9 of EVA4.0 project called Novel wood-based materials related to GC and Industry 4.0 are interested in building or joining a consortium for two areas of forthcoming Horizon 2020 Green Deal call:

What can we offer?

  • A strong research and development institution in Central Europe with experience of the complete process of designing and designing wooden buildings;
  • Laboratory facilities and equipment for testing to determine the mechanical-physical properties of structural elements, thermal insulation properties of cladding, impact sound insulation testing;
  • Partnership with the renowned Timber Research and Development Institute, Prague, s.e., who is the authorizing body for placing wood-based products on the common single European market;
  • Partnership with a renowned trade union Association of prefabricated houses suppliers, associating the main producers of wooden buildings on the regional Czech and Central European market;
  • Partnership with a portfolio of 40 individual wooden building manufacturers, of which it is possible to select one for the project that will meet the specific requirements of the project.

Whom are we looking for?

  • An already formed consortium that is still looking for partners to join the team.
  • Partners who are interested in the given topics and would be willing to form a consortium and prepare a project application together.


For more information, contact Radek Rinn, e-mail: rinn@fld.czu.cz, phone: +420 602 298 240, the head of Department of Wood Processing and Biomaterials.

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