HUNTOUR 2020 Project European Partnership

The project named "Development of education in relation to the influence of ongoing climate change to hunting tourism“ with the acronym HUNTOUR is completely unique in its field. No other project in the European Union addresses this issue. A strong and unique European partnership was established, combining the strengths, skills, and expertise of individual members from four partner organizations from four different countries (Czech Republic, Serbia, Finland and Hungary). The project was designed to create an innovative and practical educational tool in the field of hunting tourism and to address target groups, which are both students and lecturers in tourism and forestry, as well as entrepreneurs and professionals in hunting tourism. Thanks to the connection between hunting and tourism, an interdisciplinary project has been created, the results of which can be used in both forestry and tourism.

Get involved in our research

Are you interested in our research? Join us in research that will be unique in its field and will bring new and interesting knowledge, based on which it will be possible to further develop hunting tourism.

Fill in a short questionnaire for foreign hunters or help us to distribute it to foreign hunters.

You can learn more about the project, its parts, outputs and participating persons through our communication channels:

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