Introduction to Galaxy

This introductory course work organized by EXTEMIT K [coordinator- Dr. Amit Roy]and ELIXIR Czech Node [Coordinator: Kateřina Bayerová] was a huge success. It is the first dedicated bioinformatics course work at FFWS, Czech University of Life Sciences [CZU]. Primarily, it aims to make the participants familiar with Galaxy web platform through introducing some basic bioinformatics workflows used for RNA-seq data analysis; Creating own customized bioinformatic pipelines in Galaxy will also be taught in the course.

The workshop was attended by 20 participants belonging to three internal faculties of Czech University of Life Sciences and participants from University of Chemistry and technology, Crop Research Institute, University of South Bohemia, Charles University, Institute of Animal Sciences, Prague, etc.   Participants have received hands-on training on RNA-seq pipelines form our experts from Meta-Centrum Brno. In the end, the organizers are requested to arrange more of such training events in the future by the participants.

Organizers want to thank vice dean Dr. Tomas Kušta and his team including the PR department for their continuous support for hosting the course work at FFWS

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