LSFF grand prize for a film on the unique world of termites

The Czech film “Svět podle termitů” (The World According to Termites) from Director Jan Hošek won the LSFF 2017 grand prize with a financial reward of 3,000 Euro. In front of the eyes of the filled auditorium, Jan Hošek together with cameraman and the main protagonist doc. Jan Šobotník received the prize from CZU Rector Jiří Balík.

Doc. Mgr. Jan Šobotník, PhD., is an internationally recognized expert in the structure and function of the insect’s body. During his expeditions to study termites in French Guyana and Cameroon, the film “The World According to Termites” by director Jan Hošek was created with the co-production of the Czech Television and the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, showing both positions of scientific work in the tropical rainforest, i.e. that the microscope and the machete are both necessary equipments for scientists. In the film “The World According to Termites,” you will a.o. see termites who sacrifice themselves for the group while attacked and simply explode. You will learn how the caste system works inside the termite mound, how the density of the termites in a given territory is counted, and you will find out that termites are perhaps the first farmers on the planet. The judges appreciated the film’s capturing of a story that describes termites as a fascinating subject of a scientific research, and as a source of a great inspiration.

Czech film “Živý plášť planety Země – Geoderma” (Geoderma - The Living Skin of Planet Earth) by directors Ladislav Mika and Ivan Stříteský was awarded the Minister of Agriculture award.
The award of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources went to German director John A. Kantar for the film “Dobrý–Lepší–Vegan” / Good–Better–Vegan.
The award of the Faculty of Economics and Management went to Australian director Radheya Jegatheva for the film “iRonie” / iRony.
The award of the Faculty of Tropical AgriSciences went to directors Ľubomír Viľuda and Ivan Kršiak for the film Sedm hříchů civilizace / The Seven Sins of Civilization.
The award of the Faculty of Engineering went to the film Brouci: Malí superhrdinové přírody / Bugs: Nature’s Little Superheroes by German director Björn Platz.
The award of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences went to the film Inteligentní stromy (Intelligent Trees) by directors Julie Dordel and Guida Tölkea.
The award of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences went to American director Geoff Haines-Stiles for the film I velká data musela vyrůst / Even Big Data Starts Small.
The award for the best Food Film went to the Australian film Barbecue by Director Matthew Salleh. Meat and fire…
The award for the popularization of science and the statue of Ops, the Goddess of the Harvest, went to Jan Farkač for lifelong popularization work and care and development of the Biological Olympics project since 1993.

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