prof. Lynne gave a great talk

Talk: RNAi and it's potential for future pest management

Prof. Lynne gave a great talk on the prospects of RNAi in future forest pest management and successfully convinced the attendees about the beauty of RNAi technology and the benefit of adding such technologies in the forest protection toolkit. As a result, many of our colleagues from different departments in our faculty including EXTEMIT-K are interested in collaborating with her and adopting her approach for Bark beetle management in the Czech Republic.  


Strategic Meeting with G-level leader

Meeting with Prof. Lynne with our group leader Dr. Ewald Grosse-Wilde was important and strategic. This meeting is of great importance for the future to build strong bilateral international collaboration with UKY University. G level Team expects to get the benefit of such scientific collaboration with UKY in the long run.

Scientific Meetings with EXTEMIT leader, Prof.Fredrik Schlyter via Skype

High-level scientific thought exchange is unavoidable in such scientific visits. Here, without exception, our EXTEMIT leader discussed new ideas and future possibilities of joint scientific endeavors via Skype from Sweden (Fredrik-on holiday) that leads to a brain storming discussion within EXTEMIT team members later on with Prof. Lynne in the afternoon.

Visit EXTEMIT-K labs and meet researchers

It is great to get so many emails from young scientific minds from our EXTEMIT-K department for appointments with Prof. Lynne. However, it is very much expected as Prof. Lynne is already a celebrity forest entomologist. Young minds in the department also got great motivation and direction after a productive scientific discussion with our visiting Professor.

Prof. Lynne was delighted to see the level of infrastructural facility in our EXTEMIT laboratories mainly Forest molecular entomology laboratory. Her scientific advice will surely motivate us to become a future leader within the European Union as far as forestry research is of concern. 

Social Interaction

Prof Lynne had a nice social and scientific interaction with Tree level leader Dr. Anna and Dr. Sigrid from Institute of Forest Entomology, Forest Pathology and Forest Protection BOKU Vienna, which makes the visit quite special.

Taken together, the scientific visit of Prof. Lynne was full of short term and long-term scientific accomplishments. She has already agreed for scientific collaboration with Dr. Roy in the near future, which can be considered as a milestone achievement from this planned visit at this moment.

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