We are celebrating 100 years

The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague celebrated its hundred-year anniversary of the initiation of university forestry education in Prague.

On Friday on March 15, 2019, the representatives of foreign and Czech forestry and wood sciences institutions, Czech universities and faculties met at the Czech University of Life Sciences to jointly celebrate the initiation of university forestry education in Prague, which laid foundations for the establishment of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences as it is known at present. It was on the occasion of this significant event that the Conference, which was assigned a name “The Future of Forestry and Wood Sciences in the Changing World”, took place. The speakers of the Conference were four world-renowned scientists.

The first paper “Forestry Zoology Yesterday, Wildlife Biology Today and What Lies Ahead?” was delivered by Prof. Hynek Burda. Prof. Bill S. Hansson´s paper “Smelling to Survive – Insect Olfactory Ecology” attracted attention. After a break, Prof. Andrew M. Liebhold delivered a paper “Biological Invasions in Forests: A Challenge to Sustainable Forest Management”. The last paper of the Conference “The Road Map for the Forest-Based Sector in the Czech Republic - Old Expectations, New Challenges” was presented by Prof. Petr Horáček.

Each paper was followed by a productive discussion. Questions were also asked by the journalists participating in the conference. The festive conference conclusion with musical accompaniment was held in the National Agricultural Museum in Prague. The guests could visit expositions and enjoy a magnificent view of the capital from the roof of the Museum. The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Marek Turčáni, delivered his ceremonial speech primarily dedicated to Prof. Ivan Roček, who played a crucial role in initiating the celebration of the anniversary.

The following day the foreign guests attended an excursion to the lands of the School Forest Enterprise in the town of Kostelec nad Černými lesy, where they could visit a variety of stands and learn about the forest management in the Czech Republic. The excursion continued in the Kostelec Chateau. The conclusion of the trip to Kostelec was dedicated to the festive planting of a memorable lime tree on the occasion of one hundred years of the initiation of the university forestry education in Prague.

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